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The UKF Group have been providing high quality product and service to the UK and European manufacturing industries for over 25 years.

The Group’s portfolio includes UKF Stainless, The Joint Perforating Company, Ferrari Stainless and Alloys, and Stainless Metals & Alloys. Through these family of brands, the UKF Group supplies stainless steel and aluminium materials and value-added services.

From tube laser cutting and tube bending to perforation, polishing, flowdrilling and deburring. The UKF Group is a One Stop Solution for all your Stainless Steel requirements.

As the UK's only Non-Ferrous Laser Cutting Specialist, we prohibit Ferrous materials on our site to minimise contamination - this provides our customers (particularly within the hygiene, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors) peace of mind.


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Services UKF Stainless Ltd (The UKF Group) Provide



The company has a purpose built cutting shop that contains a bank of modern state of the art fully automatic and semi-automatic saws as well as handsaw and bandsaw cutting.


To compliment our existing range of stock based products, UKF has set up a dedicated manufacturing company, The Joint Perforating Company, which specialises in the manufacture of interrupted perforated tubes.


A bigger demand is being received for the supply of manipulated components that the customer can buy fit for purpose on a just in time basis.


UKF has its own in-house polishing facility that enables a quick reaction to the supply of polished tube.

Laser Cutting

Our state-of-the-art LaserTube LT5 fibre laser tube cutters provide many benefits over traditional cutting methods, including improved precision, better edge quality and the ability to cut complex shapes.

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The UKF Group Invests £500,000 In New Laser Tube Technology

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